"Most days I wish I never met you because then I could sleep at night and I wouldn’t have to walk around with the knowledge there was someone like you out there."  - Good Will Hunting (1997)

"Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart."  - 2:15 am (via we-are-the-reckless-youthhhh)

"I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure."  - (via the-manila-institute)


do not fall in love with people like me.
i will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. i will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. and when i leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

# babies